Emotional Response to OnCourse (while it is broken)

For this next interactivity test I will be studying the emotional response of a friend of mine. I happen upon a rather interesting event, while my brotherly companion, lets call him Papsy, was working on a written assignment for W131

After a long spell of sitting at the computer and typing Papsy breaths a sigh of relief as he completes his written assignment. This assignment has taken up a large chunk of his time which he would much rather of used to play Halo. This obvious show of relief gives me the sign that he has just escaped from a great deal of stress the comes with unfinished home work. 

Dear Papsy moves his browser to OnCourse gladly hoping to turn in his paper and be done with it. Then, OH NO Stress attacks! “What the #*$@!” Papes states, an obvious sign of frustration. “This %^&&*@& OnCourse !#$$ is broken” Papsy says after a spell of irritated mouse clicking “I have to turn this *^#@ in now or I’ll fail.” Papsy has now moved from a state of frustration to forlornment. He is not getting what he expected to get from this website, during a process that would usually case him relief (turning in an assignment) he has come into great stress.

This shows us that because of our mass dependancy on some forms of technology (due to the possibility of Epic Failure) we can often be let down. Poor Papsy.


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