Emotional Account of BBC website.

First, I would like to apologize for the late post.

Now, I want to proceed by giving the BBC website an emotional account. To do this, I asked my friend to look at the website and the whole procedure took no more than ten minutes.

As he entered http://www.bbc.com, he immediately noticed that all of the news were divided into sections, so he said to: “Hmmm, nice. Every news is sorted into a respective section, so you can easily find information that you are interested in.” (As if I did not know that.)

Because http://www.bbc.com is a news website, it has no sophisticated features in it, so my friend found his way around the website relatively easily. First thing he did was to go to the Sports section of the website where he found information about his favorite soccer team (which I hate, by the way). He also noticed that there was a users’ discussion forum where any registered visitor could leave a comment. After skimming through the discussion page, my friend said that he did not like (I assume this is because of several comments that criticized his favorite team in a very ignorant and politically incorrect way).

From this point on, he decided not to continue his interaction with the website and advised me to look for news at a different source, to which, I replied by calling him a name and criticizing his lack of appreciation for quality news.


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