Academic Article Summary of Google Maps

  One common idea that I seem to run into is an actual account of the world using interactive maps, such as with Google Maps.  In some cases it is the idea of allowing user content to be shared with one another using Google Maps and another is a larger scope trying to bundle in many items to allow for a real time account of an interactive map.  Of course in doing this we allow for even more information of the areas we intend to go but at the same time, and it really isn’t a theme in the articles but is worth mentioning, we lose even more privacy with this sort of advance than we already have.

  You have two slightly different approaches but both of these articles deal with sharing content of the world via an interactive map with others around them.  In one case is is a map wiki idea that users would put their reactions and information of places and things such as pictures of a traffic jam or their account of a restraunt.  This would then be shared through Google Maps though it would suffer the same problem as something such as Wikipedia in that it is all user content and has the potential to be incorrect as they really cannot monitor everything and so you have to judge how reliable you think the information is.  In the second case you have the idea that many cities are gaining more and more sensors of varying sorts for any number of reasons such as Cameras or motion sensors.  Using these more reliable points and bundling up many different concepts they would think that giving suggestions on interactive maps for something such as jogging by judging the terrain, air quality, and city congestion would be possible.

  In both of these cases you get more and more information.  In both of these cases though it seems to take the need to experience these things yourself out of the equation at least a little.  These types of improvements are both good and bad in that they can help you avoid unfavorable situations but at the same time they take alot of your judgement out of the situation, whether or not that is what is needed or wanted is up to the user I guess.


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