Academic Work: Google Maps

While researching differenet articles on Google Maps and other maps like it such as mapquest I found a website that gave good opinions on how they work, why people use them and why they are so popular.


According to, “the real time city is now real.”  This quote is stated right in the abstract of this paper yet is the reason why I chose to blog about it.  This quote that the real time city is now real is true in so many ways.  This relates to interactive maps, navigation systems in vehicles/portable and even having a cell phone.  You can do anything now a days because of the sensors/cameras/tracking devices that are set up around the city for these devices. 

If you are searching to go to a place, the directions given to you on these devices are in real time.  They take you from point a to point b in the directions that they are following through the sensors that are implemeted throughout the area.  The amazing detail from websites such a google maps are due to the images that are picked up from satellites, making them even more accurate.

This article is very intriguing because it helps you see how real our lives have truly become.  This is not only in the personal way that you have always interacted but the way that technology such as Google Maps that we have chosen, can truly take you from one place to another as if someone just went on the route for you.  The world of technology is becoming so accurate, that in a way you can start to think where else is there to go?


One Response to “Academic Work: Google Maps”

  1. lynndombrowski Says:

    Traci, you did an awesome job, but you only cited one source.

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