Acamdemic Relevant Works For Google Maps

First Article:

I had little difficulty finding relevant articles for this blog with the popularity of Google Maps.  I first searched “google maps” as I’m sure many of my group members tried to do as well.  After scanning through a couple irrelevant articles I stumbled an article about a group of graduate students using Google maps for a project.  The term they used for the technology involved with Google maps they called it “geospatial visualization”.

Then I looked up exactly what the defintion of what that meant and came up with, ” a combination of spatial software and analytical methods with terrestrial and geographic datasets ( Web Definition).” They basically used the geospatial visualization technology involved with Google Maps to create an application.  The application was intended to visually show the population of graduate students and their relative locations.  I found this article to be relevant because it showed a innovative feature that could be created with using the technology of Google maps.

Second Article:

The second helpful article I came across delt directly with user interface issues with Geospatial Information Visualization.  This article goes into great detail about the interworkings of this technology.  One quote I found to be interesting and brought up a good point about the technology we are researching is that,

” both the interface and the representational structure of (hyper)media are central to the development of more effective and efficient means of transferring knowledge”

I think this should be kept highly in mind when we are developing a feature to incorporate with Google maps.  The main thing that I gathered from this article is that dealing with the technology it need to be universal in creation.  The feature that we are eventually going to suggest to be implemented needs to be universal, that way anyone from the technologicly savvy to the basic computer user can use it with ease.  The article suggest addressing this design of universialty by creating more ‘natural’ interface envioronments.   I found this article to be relevant because it addressed issues of when trying to create interfaces with the technology we chose to do for our group project.


2 Responses to “Acamdemic Relevant Works For Google Maps”

  1. Sean Halliday Says:

    I’ve create a website using Google Maps and would love to hear some feedback on layout, color scheme, ease of navigation etc….

    The site is:

    Thank you in advance for your time,

    Sean B. Halliday

  2. lynndombrowski Says:

    Well done.

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