Scholarly Articles on Google Maps

Location aware applications for smart cities

with Google maps and GIS tools


This paper was written by two, Queensland University of Technology students.  It speaks about all of the different opportunities there are when using Google maps.  It allows people to have a better understanding of where they are currently located when they have a 3D visual image of everything around them.  The tool that allows for this is called a LARE and they explain how LARE would help when searching for real estate.  People would be able to get a better feel for the property they were researching, if able to see it in 3D.

Web GIS in practice III: creating a simple interactive map of England’s Strategic Health Authorities using Google Maps API, Google Earth KML, and MSN Virtual Earth Map Control


This paper was written by Kamel Boulous, a man who attends the School of Health at the University of Bath.  He writes about all of the different types of interactive maps, such as Google Maps, and how each works for the consumer.  When explaining Google Maps Kamel speaks about how there have been many other “third party applications” that have come out since Google Maps that are very similar.  Kamel also writes about how Yahoo! and MSN responded to Google Maps with Yahoo! Maps and Virtual Earth.  An idea we came up with when trying to think of a new application for Google Maps was something similar to what MSN Virtual Earth has; which is, allowing the customer to make up their own, personal map to use.

Building Rich Web Applications with Ajax


This article was written by Linda Paulson who attends King Faud University of Petroleum and Minerals.  She explains about Ajax and how they make the Web application that Google uses for Google Maps.  Based off this article, it appears that Ajax’s web applications are much better than some of the others used by different interactive maps.  She explains that the Ajax functions “occur smoothly and the image appears to move and change immediately”.  This is important because it could be the sole reason a customer chooses Google Maps over MapQuest, Yahoo! Maps, etc.


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  1. lynndombrowski Says:

    Nice, you stated that the 2nd article talks about how each Map App talks about how each works for the user, how does it relay Google map working for the user?

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