Field Trip to UITS

First, it was really great to have the oppurtunity to visit a real life application of what we are learning about in the class.  The technology the UITS usability used was very detailed in how it help them do their research of their users.  They were able to record every action of the user from keystrokes to a video of the user during a test session with the software they had.  The thing I found to be relevant to our group project is the way the UITS lab analyzed the data they recorded.  They had a process which helped them make suggestions/changes to what action to take from the data they recorded.  They first made the observation, next they interpret that observation, and then decided what was the next action to take after interpretation.

This research technique helps the research team with getting a very detailed analysis of their users.  They get an accurate reading of what exactly the user’s action are during a session.  The software they use helps give them a time line and video to be able to get the info they want.  I think the challenge all this brings to our group is TIME.  We have the time to set up usability tests but I’m wondering if we have the time to accurately interpret our readings from the tests.  We need to put equal time in both testing and coming up with accurate analysis of the data we recorded.  If we don’t then the data we record could end up not helping us further our focus for our project to be where it should be.


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