Field Trip to UITS Usability Lab

It was interesting going to the usability lab. It was not what I expected. I expected a fairly large lab with a bunch of people conducting research on multiple subjects, but the small room with one computer and special software seemed to get the job done as well.

The lab would be a great resource for our project as it would provide useful information to help us figure out how easy google maps is to use and what parts of the site could be improved. The lab would be a great aid to gathering information about the google maps usability as it would provide concrete data as well as allow for simple observation like we are currently doing. The team at lab also seem very knowledgeable and would be a great resource. The only challenge that I see is cost, typically labs like the usability lab have steep prices for the research, so I feel that since we are all poor college students the UITS usability lab would not be a practical financial decision although it would be extremely helpful for our project.


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