UITS Usability Lab

On our visit to the UITS lab, I feel I got an experience I didn’t quite expect. I think going into it, I expected the room where observations occur to be fairly large, and filled with lots of high tech electronic equipment. It caught me a little off guard when it was a smaller room with just a few computers. The one thing that I did find to be pretty interesting was the one-sided mirror. I feel that this is something that directly relates to how we could test our user’s experiences with the Google Maps software. I assume this is something that Google has at their own labs, and this is how they design a good portion of their software. I feel like even though the size of the lab is slightly smaller, they still get quite a bit accomplished. I was impressed to hear all the work they do on both IU systems and outside contract work. This visit was very useful to our project and I think some of the things we learned can directly relate to how we conduct our project.


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