Assignment 8: Find the Implications

After reviewing the data, I found that question 6 yeilded some interesting results. The question was, “What do you believe is the main purpose for using Google Maps?” When my group and I asked this question, the objective was to figure out from the user why they think Google created this application. I was interested in this particular question because regardless what each individual uses it for, we were given an answer based on what everyones belief of what is Google Map’s stereotype. We wanted to understand how Google Maps was viewed and used. This question yeilded some interesting results.

What most people thought was the purpose of Google Maps was to find Directions and getting from point A to point B. This leads me to believe that most people view Google Maps as a tool. After directions, the next highest amount of people believe Google Maps is used to find places your searching for. An example of this is finding the nearest starbucks, or exact location of your best friends house. Again, this implies that most people view Google Maps as a tool. What I thought most interesting is despite the majority of people believing Google Maps to be a tool, there are still two people who use it for more entertaining reasons. This leads me to believe that our product will have to be a useful, effective, and efficient tool, but at the same time have it be fun.

I will advocate for our group to infuse Google Maps with mobile technology. I believe the three tasks which our technology should accomplish are to give people the ability to look up maps on the go, get updated real time navigation and traffic information on the go, and to really enjoy using the product.

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