It’s good to see you folks had a worthwhile and eye-opening experience at the WCC.

Many of you talked about the cost associated with Morae:

Point A: If you didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a solution like Morae, how could you get some of the Morae benefits with a fraction of the price? What about a webcam and desktop video software? Jing is one example. It wouldn’t be as fancy, but it’s a *near* free solution, providing you already own a web camera.

Point B: Usability studies with mobile devices? Some of you discussed usability studies on mobile devices, how you folks anticipate how usability studies are done on mobile devices?

You might want to compile all of your answers into one document like:
Question A
Answer A.1
Answer A.2

It might be easier to find common threads, within the data.


Alright, I see you folks are moving onto the insights portion of this project, while thinking about insights it’s also a good idea to think about problems with the application you are studying. I know many of you have thought about different solutions to making google maps better but don’t forget about the importance of thinking about multiple problems that exist with google maps.

Problems, lead to alternative designs and suggestions, I just don’t want you folks to get so focused on a single “solution” and then the group doesn’t fully explore all of the problems.

Any questions? Y’all know my email.

Good luck,

See you Tuesday. 


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