Insight to Google Maps

After researching google maps for a while now there are many new things that myself and my group have learned.  This was mostly found after researching many people and interviewing them to see their general perspective of the map system.  One of our main questions, number 1 was whether they used google maps.  We found that although googlemaps is known to be “better” and have more features there were still more people that used mapquest.  In my opinion, this is just because people seem to use what they have in the past and google maps is much more up and coming.

Another main question we asked the people we interviewed is how often they use the streetview feature.  Surprising many people use this feature (17/25).  Those that I interviewed told me that they just used the feature to get a feel for where they were going to be and what the surrounding area looked like.  Hopefully we can implement more of a reason for this then to just have a picture.  Maybe have this feature be able to link around to different gas stations, fast food restaurants, hotels etc to make the feature more useful.  The overall insight into google maps that we have found seems to be much more positive then I had expected.  Hopefully those that use mapquest will soon change over to google maps after we implement new features to make the site more efficient.


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