Comments for November 3, 2008 Blog

Group C Insights:

Hey folks, I just graded this week’s blog, here are some general comments I have for the group:

Good job on trying to understand where the user is coming from and their mindset.


I would have liked to have seen better team coordination on this blog, some people blogged on the same topic/question.


Overall, the group did a great job in identifying user-centered problems and then suggesting possible solutions. I got the impression that sometime was spent in trying to identify problems and suggested solutions. Nice job folks.


Something to think about:
User won’t necessarily tell you where changes need to be made; they just understand where something might be troublesome for them. This might manifest in several different ways, either they have trouble completing some sort of task or they think there must be an easier way or better solution for something.


I look forward to your concepts.


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