Eli Gregory’s Design Sketch

Below is the conceptual design sketch I have created for integrating GoogleMaps with Mobile Technology through easy application navigation.

The Left half is a model for what the data phone interface may look like while the Right side is what the average cell phone interface may look like. The ‘Home Screen’ for both will have 5 selections: Directions, Navigation, Open-Ended search (i.e. “Mexican Food”), General Map, and Google Search. I chose these four selections (discluding the search bar) because I feel these four features would be used most with mobile technology. In my mind, each feature is clearly color coded to show users continuity. Take for example, directions could be red, navigation could be blue, Maps could be green, and open ended could be yellow. When in map mode, all streets and street names could be a shade of green. If the user wants only directions from point A to point B, they would be illustrated on the side in red. If using the navigation feature, the route could be blue on an all green map to distinguish map from navigational directions. Also, if searching for landmarks or locations in “open-ended” they can be illustrated by yellow marker points.

Eli's Sketch

2 Responses to “Eli Gregory’s Design Sketch”

  1. cmschnic Says:

    I think the mobile industry in terms of mapping is something that has been explored, but no single company has completely taken over and integrated all of the features of GPS navigation devices into a mobile device. With this mock up, it appears that you are attempting to make Google Maps the default mapping system, which I think is a great idea. The most important feature in my opinion that you implemented was that of the voice prompted directions. I think whoever can accomplish this step first will have a huge advantage over its competitors. Have you considered what phone providers (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc…) that you think would take an interest, as well as which cell phone makers (Apple, Motorola, Samsung…) would be interested. It would be interesting to see what phones currently available would be able to implement this new feature with maybe only a slight upgrade (Ex: iPhone application download).
    Overall a great idea and something I think we should explore more.

  2. lynndombrowski Says:

    Awesome Sketch Eli!

    (but your design rationale could have been a little more robust).

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