Project Deliverables:

For Saturday:

I need:

· A rough, but understandable sketch of your concept. I do *not* recommend using photoshop/flash/gimp/illustrator/fireworks/paint/whatever to create your concept sketch. I fully endorse and encourage the use of sketching on paper.

· Two to three paragraphs explaining your sketch. (E.g. you could explain the features individually, or tell a story about how the user will use the item you have created, etc.) Your description must fully articulate what the concept is doing. Label this content “Sketch Description”.

· One paragraph, explaining how your concept solves the problem, as defined in your group’s needs and requirement document. Label this content “Problem Approach”.

· At least one paragraph explaining why you decided to solve the problem in this way. Label this content “Design Rationale”.

P.S. if you’ve already submitted, you will need to apply these changes.

For Monday:

You need to reply to two other sketches. These need to thoughtful, insightful replies. Start your reply with something sincerely positive about the concept and then give insightful feedback in areas that need improvement.

I ask that if a blog post already has two replies, please choose another person’s post. If you want, you can reply to more than two, but your first two replies should be people that do not have their two replies. Everyone will work hard on these sketches and therefore everybody deserves some feedback.

If something is your “third reply”, please label “third reply”, so I know that you understand it’s a third reply.

End of Semester Evaluations:

In case some of you didn’t hear this in class: At the end of the semester, there will be peer evaluations within the groups. If you haven’t been pulling your weight in your group, now is a great time to catch up. I will be taking these evaluations seriously, and they will have an effect on your final grade.

Other Notes:

If your team is having problems, or you wish to discuss this project or other things with me, please remember that I have office hours from 1pm – 2pm on Fridays. I am also, available by appointment at other times, if necessary.


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