The main problem that are group is dealing with is getting users to become more familiar with the features.  I have gathered from our conversations this week that our users are not realizing what’s all available to their fingertips.  Google maps offers directions as well as many other great features for their users.  With that said, Google Maps doesn’t do an efficient job of advertising these features to their users.  The extra helpful features it offers are represented in plain blue text which is very simplistic and for lack of better word boring.  This stylization of text and features makes it very easy for them to be overlooked and under used if at all.  These features are what we are trying to get our users’ eyes to jump to when glancing across the screen, but they sadly blend in with everything with the screen. 

I think if these features were better displayed/represented they would encourage the users to incorporate them with how theirnormal usage.  I have came with a simple GUI that would help rectifythis problem.  As you can see from my sketch above, I have come up with an easy cosmetic fix for Google maps.  I have created a toolbar that helps highlight the user friendly features that Google maps offers.  I have replaced the boring plain text that Google Maps offers now with a icon toolbar that invites the user to click on them.  This way the users with become more interested in them and eventually familiar with them. I believe this a good step to go in because this will make these features more noticeable and attractive to use.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Corey Says:

    A tool bar could probably bring a little more life to a fairly utalitarian web page. Would this bar be something on the side, bottom, or top? Also is it something you were just wanting on the front page or something that would appear in the same position on each page? In any form it would be a nice change and couple it with the ability to customize the toolbar and it might help show new users what there is and keep old users coming back.

  2. tracirosen Says:

    I think that the features you highlighted in the sketch were very good. A lot of them are ones we spoke about during class yet some of them were good ones too. Is this something you would want to add on the page on the side or is this the actual page? If this was some kind of tool bar it would work however, if not I think it would just make the site more confusing.

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