Design Sketch

From what our Needs and Requirements document is telling us, we need to come up with a design for Google Maps that simplifies the interface and makes features more obvious to the user.  In my design below, I kept the Google Maps site very similar to the way it is currently set up.  I think the map needs to continue to be the focal point of the site strictly because that’s what all the tools/everything is based on.  It keeps the simple search bar at the top and is simplified to two buttons on the side:  Get Directions and Browse Features.  When clicked on, these two buttons would expand in that left bar of the site to give users more options instead of cluttering the initial screen with them.  The same goes for the Customize Map button on the map side.  Instead of having options listed directly on the map, they are placed in a convenient dropdown menu.



3 Responses to “Design Sketch”

  1. mbuzurma Says:

    Your design pithily addresses the problems we found with Google Maps during our group meetings (i.e. the familiarity of Google Maps’ features among the users), and it is certainly a plus.
    I also strongly agree that “the map needs to continue to be the focal point of the site” because, obviously, most users that visit the website are there for the map. You have also treated the issue of cluttered webpage design carefully by suggesting buttons that are expandable upon being clicked. In my opinion, this kind of interface does not overwhelm a newly coming user with too much information.
    However, I remember that during our group discussions, someone pointed out that users might not be satisfied with a webpage that is too “blank”- in a sense that there is too much white space. Do you think that your design might be considered too unfilled for some of the users?

  2. tracirosen Says:

    My design was very similar to yours. I like how you simplified the features yet kept them similar to the original interface. We all know if the interface completely changes (like facebook did) everyone will just start complaining. I also like how you kept the map centered right in the middle. This is because it’s the main focus of the website so shrinking it down would make it harder to read, and take away from the point of your search.

  3. foxjc Says:

    I understand what you are trying to accomplish with your sketch. Its very similar to what I was thinking with my design. It helps keep the same look and invites the user to see what exactly are the other features it has to offer. I think a combination of your browse button and the toolbar sketch I created would help facilitate the users to see what all they can do with Google Maps.

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