Design Sketch.

The main problem with Google Maps that our group has come up with is familiarizing users with the website’s features. While looking for a possible design solution, I decided to concentrate on the “Getting Directions” and “My Maps” features.

First, when a user enters the website, two fields (one receiving the location of the origin; other taking the location of the destination) should be visible to him. After the user has entered the required information, he should be offered two options: a) get directions in miles, b) get directions in kilometers. The latter is either for the users outside of the USA or the users who have just arrived to the USA and are not familiar with measuring distances in miles, yet.

Second, the user should see two buttons – “create new map” and “browse the directory” – immediately upon entering the website. This way, he can be aware of “My Maps” feature whenever he comes to the website.


3 Responses to “Design Sketch.”

  1. Mark Law Says:


    I have been reading your posts with obvious interest given we are MapQuest. We would appreciate any design suggestions you might have as you complete your project.

    Further I would be very interested in how you think we could improve the design and implementation of our new Local Page The traffic on this page has exploded in the past six weeks, as well as the number of partners who wish to participate with additional content.


    VP Product, MapQuest

  2. dvanlani Says:

    I know it’s a very ethnocentric thing to say, but I never really considered the effect of measuring distances in miles on a site such as this. Good thing to point out! For the intensive purposes of finding directions and customizing your own maps, this design is very good. It’s simple, displays everything a user would need, and makes it very obvious what you need to do in order to complete your task. The only problem I really see in this design is exactly what you set out to do: it focuses strictly on the “Getting Directions” and “My Maps” features. While the design is great for those two features, it kind of leaves the other features hidden in the background.

  3. mbuzurma Says:

    To dvanlani:

    Definitely, concentrating only on two features is an obvious shortcoming of my design, but, since every member of our group is providing his/her design, I figured that I could make my work narrow, so that, later, my design solution could simply complement our group’s findings.

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