design sketch-google maps

The main problem we chose is the familiarity of the actual google maps website.  This is including the fact that it is hard to identify the actual features of the website.  We saw that there are so many useful features of the website yet the user cannot always find out where they are/how to use them.  An example of this is how to use the streetview feature.  This makes google maps better then mapquest because it is a feature that mapquest doesn’t have.  We also saw that we should try and show the features to make your own map.  This is because it’s a feature that you can share with your friends/share a map.  Also on the page I designed you can put in different places that you want to find.  For example, if you are traveling from chicago to indiana and need to stay overnight at a hotel you can type in that you want to find hotels and it will bring up hotels along the route.




One Response to “design sketch-google maps”

  1. jaestes Says:

    I thought your idea of putting in an easy application to use that shows you different places of interest in between your two locations makes a lot of sense and would definitely be found useful. I also thought your use of strong and bold colors was a great idea as well. I do feel as though we should try to keep to a sketch that still resembles Google. I thought it was great that everything was very straightforward on your sketch but I think adding more ways to edit your location/have a default address/have the ability to go to a street view/etc. is important as well so hopefully that will be something we can tie into our interface during the next group meeting.

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