Design Sketch

I have decided that in order to solve our problem of familiarizing users with google map features simplifying the site would help the most. Seen below is a sketch of a home page that would eliminate a lot of confusion. It divides the sites two main functions of open ended search and directions. it also allows the user to pick how they want their information given to them whether it be in text like the directions or list, or visual such as in the map views. This idea of splitting the site into two main functions can also be carried over into the mobile technology allowing even more convenience and ease of use.



One Response to “Design Sketch”

  1. jaestes Says:

    I think the ease of this potential site is great. This would definitely help with the familiarity problem and would hopefully make sure that the user never had a problem trying to find something on Google Maps again. I also thought having them be able to chose whether they wanted the list view or map view was a great idea as well. I know that I personally never look at the list view so I would find this to be a good addition to the site. A suggestion I would have is that this may be a little too simple. It no longer reminds me of Google and I think we should still keep a similar look. I also think we should keep the search box at the top so if they do not have the address they are able to search for it on the same site.

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