Pukinskis Set for Google Maps.

The task is to make Google Maps more user-friendly.

P1: Maps are necessary to a person who wants to reach, on his own, a destination he has never been to.

P2: A website with easy-to-find features is likely to have more users than one with hard-to-find features.

R1: Interviewing Google Maps users.

R2: Comparing Google Maps vs. Mapquest.

I1: Most often, people use Google Maps to get directions.

I2: Features like “Street View” and “Places of Interest” are often left overlooked.

I3: Mapquest’s estimates are more accurate: http://blog.ansiguy.com/2006/07/google-maps-vs-mapquest-whats-your.html

C1: Improve the algorithms that Google Maps uses to find the shortest and fastest routes.

C2: Use the following sketch to remodel the website interface: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3002/3013827853_f9aa56d441.jpg?v=0. This way, users can become more easily aware of interesting features that Google Maps has.

Note: the Pukinskis Set above has the following structure: R1 => I1, I2; R2 => I3.


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