Google Maps Pukinskis Set

Our task is to make the feature set of Google Maps more easily accessible and more user-friendly.


  • Google maps is a mapping system that has a specific feature set
  • People want mapping systems that are efficient and easy to use


  • We conducted a survey that was administered to individuals to gain more information on our task and the likes/dislikes of users.
  • We also researched scholarly articles to gain more information on our specific topic


  • I found that while Google Maps is a popular online mapping option, it was typically not used for directions
  • People are only familiar with the very known features like ‘street view’, and are unfamiliar with the other additional feature sets
  • People are more inclined to use websites with familiar interfaces that are easy to use and will use features that are obvious to the user


  • Make the features that are not currently obvious to the user more accessible and easy to use
  • Google Maps should provide an interface that would encourage the use of their ‘directions’ feature. This is one of the reasons why they are lagging behind MapQuest in the specific area of the use of directions.

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