Google Maps Pukinskis Set

P1:  People like to have directions in hand when taking trips.

P2:  Interactive map users generally don’t know how to use every feature of the interactive map.

We really only did 2 forms of research:

R1:  Interviews with interactive maps users.

R2:  Comparing/contrasting Google maps and other map sites, specifically MapQuest.

I1:  Interactive map users use Google Maps for short distance and MapQuest for long distance.

I2:  People prefer a simple, uncluttered user interface when dealing with an interactive map site.

C1:  Coming from P1, R1, and both insights, Google maps touchability in a car.  Have the user be able to access Google Maps in their car by touching a button/screen or issuing a voice command.

C2:  Coming from P2, R1, and I2, allow the users to access a list or encyclopedia of sorts that explains all of the features in one place.  Make said place obvious and easy to find.  This would get rid of the clutter of having features spread all over the page while at the same time making them easier to find.


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