Pukinsis Set for Google Maps


  • 1) Users want clear directions
  • 2) Google Maps offers more for the users than Mapquest


  • 1) We conducted interviews to see what website they use for directions, why they use them, and how often they use the site.
  • 2)Made observations of people while using Google Maps
  • 3)We also conducted a literature search on the internet of relevant works. I found that technology such as Google maps needs to be simple, straight forward, and easy to use.


  • I found that people that use Google Maps arent aware or dont attempt to use all of its features it offers
  • People that use Google Maps use it to find places locally and use MapQuest for longer trips because that’s what they are use to using.


  • Highlight features that could help the user and provide more information about what the features can do for them
  • Provide a tutorial of the website for all the users, so they are more aware what is available to them through using Google Maps.

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