Pukinski’s Set

P1) Google maps is used to locate places.

P2) People use google maps for driving directions.

R1) In the interviews most people used Mapquest more frequently for driving directions than google maps.

because they are more familiar with it.

R2) Our interviews also showed that people were unaware of the many features that google maps has to offer.

I1) People stick to what they know and are hesitant towards change.

I2) Google maps has many useful features but they are not easily seen or used by new users.

C1) Google maps could simplify the process of obtaining driving directions and make the feature easier to find. A simple way to do this would be to add a tool bar or a tab specifically for driving directions.

C2) To solve the problem of users not being familiar with all of google maps features, the site would need to make some changes. First a more simplistic layout and more obvious ways of finding features perhaps a tool bar or pull down list. Also last week a feature of the day was suggested and would be a great way to increase awareness of google maps features.


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