Pukinskis Set For Google Maps

P1 – People do not like to change.

P2 – Google Maps is functionally more efficient than Mapquest.

R1 – Interviews concerning use and preferences largely between Google Maps and Mapquest.

R2 – We each went in and surfed around Google Maps to get a better feel for what was and was not there for ourselves.

I1 – People stick to what they know even when it is more cluttered because it is easier to use as they have already taken the time and effort to learn it.

I2 – Google Maps is a very blank interface, very easy to use yet people are not drawn to it.

C1 – Google Maps could do with a simple overhaul that makes it initially very similar to Mapquest.  This is outright copying their style.  However, it is a stepping stone as most things that the people tend to latch onto are not drastically different and even alien to them but small stepping stones away from what they know and this allows a portal into a better interactive map.

C2 – Of course it would be viewed poorly but Google should just buy out Mapquest and be done with them when you consider P1 alone.

C3 – There is very little on the home page of Google Maps but the most obvious is a search.  This should be moved further and an entry for an address should be made more than obvious instead.  Even though simply putting in an address there works fine people shy away from it or might be intially confused.


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