Pukinskis Set-Google Maps

After discussing the problems/components of google maps for so long I feel like many of our answers will be similar.  This is because we have already justified our problem generated ways to solve it.

P-Google maps is used to get from one place to another

P-Google maps is an interactive map

R-We interviewed people to see if they used google maps, if they liked it, why they didn’t and what they specifically used it for

R-We also used word of mouth research, randomly discussed google maps with each other/our friends.  We also glanced at it on our own time to see what we independently thought of the features.

I-People like when websites/basically anything is easier to use. 

I-People don’t like when they see features and don’t know how to use it.

Some concepts I have thought of after doing this…..

1.  Making the phone feature and incorporating google maps NOT just a navigation on to any cell phone will solve the part of making google maps easy to use because people will use it more often.

2.  Simplifying the actual website (like I did in my sketch) with color, bold terms and less things to click on will help people understand how to browse the website more.


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