Pukinskis Set

Pukinskis Set

November 17, 2008 — Janelle

P1 – People like consistency.

P2 – When getting directions online, people want something straight-forward.

R1 – Our interview answers showed that a lot of people like Map Quest simply because it is something they are used to and because they know exactly what they will get from it.  The opposite was true for GoogleMaps.

R2 – Our group conducted interviews with many questions pertaining to how people like to get online directions and what type of interface works best for them.

I1 – Generally speaking, people do not like to see a lot of change because it is new, unfamiliar and puts them in a vulnerable position.

I2 – Getting directions is a very straight-forward process so when you actually go to get these directions online, you want your answers to be straight-forward as well.

C1 – GoogleMaps needs to be making some type of interface that is similar to MapQuest’s in order to convert MapQuest users to the GoogleMaps feature.  This would not necessarily convert everyone because some people are very anti-change but I think it would serve GoogleMaps well.

C2 – GoogleMaps could do a better job of displaying more obvious signs of the type of information they are looking for when typing in an address/getting directions/making a communal map/etc. so the user has a better idea of what exactly is being asked and what exactly is going to be given to them in return.


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