Concept Feedback

Group C’s Feedback:

* Concept generation is not about feasibility / implementation; it’s about coming up with different solutions for the same problem. Feasibility is important, but at a later stage in the design process. So it’s completely ok to toss feasibility out of the window at this stage, since you are primarily focused on brainstorming at this stage.

* Wide variety of concepts (Awesome.)

* I dug the pen and paper sketches. I think pen and paper concepts allow people to be more creative during the brainstorming portion of the design framework.

* Comments: I thought many of the comments were insightful and helpful for the designer. I especially liked the comments that gave very specific suggestions to the designer or the comments that gave additional information about the concept.

Areas of improvement:

* Paper is super cheap. There are some concepts that would have benefited from a second sketch, to help clarify their concept.

* Some of the rationales were on the skimpy side. Design rationales are super important, and those of you that used the template generally had better / more robust arguments. (You know your reasoning very well, and the rationale is your chance to shine and show off that reasoning.)

Overall, nice job, keep up the good work.


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