Blog Assignment: One Specific Question

It is hard to identify one specific question that I have about my group’s design because as a group we have decided to incorporate so many new ideas; although the idea our group has decided on that I question most is located on the left side of the screen. We have decided to break up the side bar into four ‘tabs’; directions, maps, hot spots, and extras. In my opinion, the first two ‘tabs’ are very self explanatory however the next two will take a little discovery. I also believe that the average user will not click on those tabs because they would like to use them for their specificly designed purpose but because they were interested in what exists in that tab. I also believe the last two tabs will yeild too much cross-over information. Through paper prototypes, I believe my concerns become addressed by the testees. It will become clear whether the ‘tabs’ will be used with their intended design, or even used at all.

The way I will know if those two tabs are effective can be determined a few ways. The first way would be if when asked to do a specific task, the testee were to click one tab for the others purpose. The second would be if when asked to do a specific task, the user completely ignored the sidebar tabs and went straight for the google search bar or other methods of search.

Only through paper prototypes will my question be answered.


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