Design Question

Will our changes allow easier access to the features that are more or less “hidden” within Google Maps?  As it stands now Google Maps is something of a blank page starting out and most seem to miss out on its features.  By adding a tabbed structure to the site we hope to introduce them to these features.  To that end we asked them to navigate through tasks that, ideally, would have made them choose to use those tabs instead of the normal structure.  To an extent I would say that it succeeds but we might need to make a few changes as some of the choices we have made seem to be confusing to the user and at times the tasks we set forth were done through methods not involving our addition to the site’s design.  There might even be too much we are trying to add with this tabbed structure at once, that is something to discuss. 

While we did put some features in the light a little more we also cloud the picture up a bit as well.  So yes, our changes to bring out the “hidden” features but it is only the first iteration and it can be done better.


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