Paper Prototypes Design Question

The paper Prototypes are obviously a very powerful tool in our continued reasearch and understanding of our results.

A question I have is will the user actually use the tabs that we have devised for our projct. There are other things that they could do. Perhaps that tabs arnt the best way.

I found that our test subject was warry of using the paper prototype at first and didn’t really understand that he should treat it like a computer screen, he continually asked us questions instead of simply trying to us the interface. When he did us it he totally by passed the tabs and just tried to use the search bar to find what he wanted. This makes sence in retospect. The search bar is the main feature of Google.

So how do we either put our attention into the use of the search bar or move the focuse over to the tabes? thats the question I’m left with after the paper protypes.


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