Design Question

After completing the process of a paper prototype with an outside user, my view on the design question has changed pretty significantly. I think before hand, I would have leaned more towards that of will our design be something that can easily be implemented. Now, I am more worried about seeing if the changes we want to implement will be user friendly. After doing the paper prototype, it has become more obvious to me that changing a user’s experience on a site can cause some major confusion, even to users who are more ‘tech-savvy.’ After implementing our tab-browsing experience, I have found that changes the wording of features and moving them into new spaces can cause major confusion and require a larger learning curve than I would have expected.

With this, I think we need to reevaluate our current changes and make sure that they are both for the best and easy to conceptualize. If we meet both of these options, then I think we can easily move forward with our changes. We need to make sure that the changes we make are to make the site easier for the user to navigate, and not having the exact opposite effect.


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