Design Question

I wondered after our group designed the paper prototype if what we did would be effective or made the features of Google Maps better.  I expect the paper prototype testing would give our group a better in depth insight to our target users.  I also think the paper prototypes will either confirm or dissolve our predispositions of the design we intend to implement.  The test protocol I think that is most important is the verbal feedback that we record from the users.  This will help to improve our scope of what design and how it effects the user experience as a whole.  If something is too vague or unclear in the opinion of the user then we need to reevaluate our design and tailor it to those user comments.  This will help us understand how our design implementation definitively affects the user’s interaction with the interface.  Also we need to make sure we also do a good job of recording body languauge as well.  This will assist us in seeing how the interface we created affects the user emotionally.  Taking all this into consideration the paper prototype will eventually help us fine tune our design so it will in fact improve the user experience with Google Maps.


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